All registered Michigan voters now have the right to vote via absentee ballot without having to provide a reason!

Instructions for the Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application

We’ve made it easy for you to get an official Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application form, pre-filled in with your information from the Secretary of State. You can request the ballot 75 days before the election date, and the request must be received by your City or Township Clerk no later than 5 p.m. the Friday before the election. However, it’s highly recommended to submit this application well ahead of election day.

To get a blank application form for you or someone else, click here. Print, fill out, sign and date.

Please don’t forget to check the box section 3b so an Absent Voter Ballot Request Form will automatically be sent to you for future elections. We also recommend including your contact info (phone # and/or email) so the clerk can reach you if there’s a problem.

Very important: Your signature must appear on the application or you will not receive an absent voter ballot.

Also note: you must return the signed application either by mail, fax, scanning/imaging the document and emailing it, or by dropping it off at your clerk’s office.

Here are the detailed instructions for returning the application:

The address of your clerk is here.

Reminders: Your signature is the key to this process. You must sign and date the application, and after you fill out the ballot, you must seal and sign the ballot return envelope in the same way. Just be careful to follow the instructions, and you can enjoy hassle-free, secure voting.